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Master the art (+science) of thinking

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A new master's degree, built for the modern world

We’ve designed this master’s to equip you with the hybrid skills, connected knowledge and interdisciplinary (ID) mindset to supercharge your career.

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, interdisciplinary thinkers are more in demand than ever before.

We know you want your learning to be personalised and applied. Which is why our modern take on a capstone means you will apply new tools to the problem you care about the most.

“The most radical new university
to open in decades.”

Learn methods to tackle complex problems and solve them

Make sense of a data-rich world through a potent blend of language, statistics and visual media

Learn the skills needed to connect the dots in a way that traditional education is not designed to do

Work with leading global thinkers

Work with and connect to a network of innovative and dynamic global organisations

Learn the hybrid skills needed to be successful in a rapidly changing professional environment

What To Expect

The education system teaches us to be siloed specialists, but it’s not what the world needs or what the workforce demands.

Become a specialist in interdisciplinary (ID) thinking

The interdisciplinary master’s programme is focussed on rapid innovation in how we think, unlock new ideas and solve existing problems. It’s for curious and expansive thinkers who are excited by a number of different disciplines.

Studying at LIS you will gain a deep knowledge in a range of disciplines, such as statistical analysis, 3D modelling, economic theory and the visual arts.

Polymaths are in high demand, and specialising in interdisciplinary (ID) thinking will allow you to become one.


Limited Spaces Available

Are you built for ID?

There is a reason why there are a select number of spaces available to join our master’s. We’re looking for the right minds and combination of people to create a varied and expansive learning experience.

If you’ve been looking for a move that will give you an edge at work. To make what you do bigger. Or learn new ways of understanding that open new opportunities and solve problems – our master’s might be for you.

We need big thinkers, who aren’t afraid to carve out a new path and are ready to take the most important jobs in society.

If this sounds like you, then get in touch.

Degree Overview

The degree can be divided into three core components

Powerful New Insights

You will work with numerical, linguistic and visual methodologies to unlock new insights on some of the worlds biggest problems.


Learn the skills required to place this insight into cultural considerations and wider complexities

Apply in your capstone

You will interrogate a problem you’re passionate about - applying your new theoretical understanding of a multitude of disciplines and mental models to unlock new insight.

Your capstone will become your calling card that you utilise for advancing your career. A cutting edge piece of work that positions you as an interdisciplinary thinker primed for the world of tomorrow.

Key Information


Applications are now open for our 2022 master’s cohort. Applications close at 5:00pm (BST) on Monday 20th June 2022 for non-Home students, and 5:00pm (BST) Monday 12th September 2022 for Home students. You can find our more information on the application process and our entry requirements in the FAQs section below.


Home students: £10,800
International students: £18,000

We want to make sure that you’re given every opportunity to succeed at LIS and we know that everyone’s situation is different. As such, we’ll be offering bursaries in the form of fee discounts, which you can enquire about here.

You can find out more about our course fees, financing options, and support available through getting in touch with

Please note, in future years, fees for continuing students may be subject to an inflationary increase.


LIS has been granted degree-awarding powers for its undergraduate programme by the higher education regulator in England, the Office for Students (OfS). These powers need to be extended in order for us to award a master’s degree. We have started this regulatory journey and will keep you updated as we move through this process.

International Students

An international student is someone who does not have “settled” status in the UK and would need to apply for a visa to study in the UK.

We have a sponsorship license which means we are able to welcome international students. Please get in touch if you have questions about your status in the UK or your application as an international student.

English Language

The LIS master’s is taught in English. To derive full benefit from and succeed in passing, you must be able to understand and express yourself in English (reading and listening, speaking and writing). If you’ve been taught and assessed in English or have been working in the English language for the past two years or longer, you do not need to provide an English language qualification.

World Class Faculty

You’ll work with some of the most dynamic thinkers in their fields.

Philosophers, economists, staticians and artists combine to provide a truly unique learning experience.

James Carney


Anson Cheung

Maria Angelia Madero

Lead on Prep Culture and Content Creation

Mattia Galloti

Head of Research and Development

Isaiah Wellington

Lead on Coaching and Integration

Isaiah - LIS - Curriculum Adviser

Ash Brockwell

Lead on Problem-based Learning

Dr. Ash Brockwell LIS

Network Learning

We work with a network of dynamic individuals and organisations, who will conduct workshops and learning experiences for the Master's.

The deep connect with the real world is one of the many factors that make the Master's course at LIS stand out.

LIS Lates

Prof Neil Lindsay DTSL

System thinking workshops

LIS Working with policy clients

Networking breakfasts

John Burn-Murdoch

Financial Times, Visualisation of data

Capstone networking

Hassan Damluji

Deputy Director Bill Gates Foundation Global collaboration workshop

Open days

MASc open days take place online, usually during the week around 6pm (GMT) — at the end of the typical working day.

For prospective students, professionals, or anyone who’s interested in finding out more about our new master’s programme.

You can expect an overview of the curriculum and involvement of the LIS Network, as well as real examples of the practical outcomes of interdisciplinarity as found in the professional world.

The Dots

with a revolutionary new
master’s degree from LIS.

Stay connected.