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Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods (MASc)

Complex problems require an interdisciplinary approach. Their solutions will not come from a single subject or specialism. At LIS, this interdisciplinary problem-solving is exactly what we do. And our master’s students become experts at it. 

Our master’s offers two pathways: (1) Climate and Biodiversity; (2) Culture and Complexity. Both pathways share a common core but offer distinct angles of specialisation.  

Students have the option of either:
Full-time & on campus study, or
Part-time & remote-first.

With this flexible option, most of the teaching will be delivered online but students will have the opportunity to meet their peers and faculty on campus, at least once a term. 

“The most radical new university
to open in decades.”

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Pathway #1: Climate and Biodiversity

This pathway helps you tackle problems related to climate change and sustainability, understand the big picture, identify the biggest impacts and how to model them, make the mindshifts required to find new solutions and learn how to successfully communicate and change behaviours.

Pathway #2: Culture and Complexity

This pathway helps you to understand how complex organisations of all sizes from football teams to companies to societies succeed in impacting on the world. You will use insights from numerical, linguistic, and media-focused disciplines to model different kinds of data and make informed decisions about how organisations can be optimised for performance.

Key Information


Applications for 2023 are open now. Apply here.


UK students

  • The annual tuition fee for UK students enrolling at LIS full-time in 2023 is £10,800. 
  • The tuition fee for UK students enrolling at LIS part-time in 2023 is £5,400 per year for a total of £10,800 over two years. 
    This fee applies to UK students, as well as EU students holding settled and pre-settled status under the European Settlement Scheme.
  • In future years, fees for continuing students may be subject to an inflationary increase, if the government increases the current fee cap. 

International students

  • The annual tuition fee for international students enrolling at LIS full-time in 2023 is £18,000. 
  • The tuition fee for international students enrolling at LIS part-time in 2023 is £9,000 per year for a total of £18,000 over two years. 
  • We hold a sponsorship licence and are able to accept applications from international students. 


LIS has been granted new degree-awarding powers for Level 7 (Taught Master’s) awards by the Office for Students (OfS). 

The Master’s programme was previously entitled “Interdisciplinary Practice” and will change to “Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods” pending approval by the Office for Students. 

We continue to develop pathways subject to demand and our internal approval processes.
The Climate and Biodiversity pathway is subject to our programme approval process and alignment with our Degree Awarding Powers (DAPS) Plan.  

To see our Policies (including our Terms & Conditions) please visit the Policies page on our website: 

International Students

An international student is someone who does not have “settled” status in the UK and would need to apply for a visa to study in the UK.

We have a sponsorship license which means we are able to welcome international students. Please get in touch if you have questions about your status in the UK or your application as an international student.

English Language

The LIS master’s is taught in English. To derive full benefit from and succeed in passing, you must be able to understand and express yourself in English (reading and listening, speaking and writing). If you’ve been taught and assessed in English or have been working in the English language for the past two years or longer, you do not need to provide an English language qualification.

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Connect with a likeminded cohort and organisations in the LIS Network. Our community know that interdisciplinarity is the future. This is your chance to be ahead of the curve.

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