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The future of education is interdisciplinary.

'The most radical new university to open in decades.' - The Times

The world’s problems are more complex and interconnected than ever before — and the answers are unlikely to come from any one subject or specialism. It’s time to be different.

LIS is different in four main ways:

  1. Our admissions process is completely different. We have opted out of UCAS, so you apply direct and we focus on getting to know you and understanding your potential.
  2. Our curriculum — the first of its kind in the UK — enables students to study the concepts and theories from multiple disciplines they need to tackle complex problems.
  3. Many useful and clever things happen in universities. But, most of the time, that knowledge doesn’t make it out into the rest of the world. We think it should.  So, we created the LIS Network: a growing group of organisations who want to use interdisciplinarity to make change.
  4. We broker internships each year, with the aim of creating a mutually beneficial relationship: organisations get talented problem-solvers, and our students get invaluable work experience. 100% of home students who wanted internships in their first year were offered one with our Network.

Do something different. Be someone different.

Applications for 2023 are now open!

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As an LIS student, you’ll be part of the fast-paced, intensive, and fun journey of helping us to create a completely new university.

Whether at undergraduate, master’s or professional level, you’ll be part of our community of interdisciplinary learners. A diverse, open-minded group, who care about society’s big problems and are always learning.

Discover our unique student experience proposition and get to know our new campus in Whitechapel.

An incubator for 21st century polymaths.

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Is it possible to tackle a problem as complex as climate change without reference to (at least some of) ecology, economics, geography, and psychology? We don’t think so. What about the ethics of artificial intelligence? A challenge that draws on computer science, philosophy, design, and more disciplines besides.

These problems aren’t the stuff of dystopia, science fiction, or textbooks. They’re happening now. And they can’t be solved by individuals working in isolation, yet most university courses in the UK are still structured in silos, leaving graduates ill-equipped to tackle the complexity that surrounds them.

Complex problems require interdisciplinary thinking, and interdisciplinary solutions. That’s where we come in.

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This is your space to read, watch, learn and discover more about interdisciplinary learning, how it can be used to help tackle real-world problems, and connect with curious learners like yourself.

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