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Cross-Functional Leadership

Understand how interdisciplinary methods can help you tackle complex problems and lead teams with different expertise.

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Programme highlights

We believe that leadership education is tired and in need of reinvention. Join us to shape the future of leadership education and cultivate an interdisciplinary mindset.



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September 6th


3 months


£2,000 + VAT

Discount available for self-funders, start ups and non-profits.



Self-paced learning & online workshops.
Two immersive days on campus.


7 sessions

90 min online workshops and group coaching with self-paced prep.

Our approach

Complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions. Answers won’t come from one subject or specialism. Learn how to tackle the issues that matter to you.

Why interdisciplinary?

"As a health charity director trying to tackle some big societal problems, I found the course invaluable. It introduced me to a wealth of new thinking and practical approaches that pushed and expanded how I do my work. I highly recommend this course to leaders seeking to make a meaningful difference. It goes beyond what a standard leadership course could do."

Julie Dodd profile photo
Julie Dodd

Interim Director, Blood Cancer UK

“I use to think I was a 'jack of all trades master of none'. LIS has given me confidence, a vocabulary, and a new source of energy to to promote interdisciplinary thinking and leadership. I found the course illuminating, thought provoking and a catalyst for new ideas. I have a renewed sense of purpose and direction.”

Rebecca Brenman
Rebecca Brennan

COO, Kyan (Technology Agency)

“A perfect balance of academic theory alongside a suite of practical tools that I could take away immediately and use to support my day-to-day role. I  would recommend it to anyone whose role involves transforming services or systems and working across organisations with multiple partners.”

Chris Taylor Profile photo
Chris Taylor

Director of Comms, NHS Health Innovation Network

programme overview
Programme overview

Build your intellectual hinterland and grasp the mental models to tackle the huge range of challenges you encounter everyday.

Gain the skills to lead people with different expertise and synthesise their different approaches to create maximum impact.

Your interdisciplinary faculty
Carl Profile photo
Prof Carl Gombrich
'Working with experts'

Professor Carl Gombrich joined LIS from UCL and leads our faculty. Carl is a world expert in Interdisciplinary Education and trains leaders in the public and private sector on the evolving nature of expertise. 

Mattia Profile Photo
Dr Mattia Gallotti
'Making collective decisions'

Mattia is a philosopher who lectured on social sciences at LSE prior to joining LIS. He has published on the notion of Collective Intelligence and its applicability to the modern workplace.

Dr Bronwyn Tarr profile photo
Dr Bronwyn Tarr

Bronwyn is a human behavioural scientist, previously part of Professor Dunbar’s ground-breaking team at Oxford, researching the evolution of social behaviours. She teaches on the enduring nature of social groupings and the science behind it.

Sir Alan Wilson Profile Photo
Sir alan wilson

Sir Alan Wilson, an academic luminary, shapes urban geography, mathematics, and higher education policy. Knighted for his services, he now guides interdisciplinary leaders at LIS, drawing from a distinguished career across prestigious institutions and key government roles.

Duncan Austin Profile Photo
Duncan Austin
Immersive day

With almost 30 years in environmental economics and sustainable finance, Duncan holds an MSc from UCL. He worked at the World Resources Institute and later as an investment partner in London. Now, he focuses on writing and lecturing on sustainability.

Waqās Ahmed
waqās ahmed
Immersive day

Founder of the DaVinci Network, Waqās wrote "The Polymath" (Wiley 2019) and created the Polymath Festival. His research focuses on human diversity and performance. He holds degrees in Economics, International History, and Neuroscience, and has worked in diplomatic journalism and visual art.

James Profile Photo
Dr James Carney
'Zooming in & out'

James, a computational linguist, explores the link between cognition and culture using AI. He is especially interested in merging interpretive, computational, and experimental methods. As found of Texture AI, he has had the BBC, the UK Cabinet Office, Google and other leading organisations as clients.

Dr. James Everest Profile Photo
Dr James Everest
Immersive day

James studied languages at Cambridge, before completing a Masters in English Literature at Queen Mary, University of London, and a PhD in the history of science at UCL. He has taught on the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences degree programme at the University of Birmingham and the Arts and Sciences programme at UCL.

Leader or future leader working for a complex mission-led organisation
Manages teams with different expertise
Looking to grow your personal network
Open to new perspectives
Looking for intellectual stimulation
Want to help shape the future of leadership education
About you

This course has been designed for leaders, and developing leaders, in complex mission-led organisations.