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We are looking for brilliant minds who are passionate about tackling complex problems

The LIS Network

The LIS Network is a growing and active community of 200+ employers and organisations who are all committed to tackling complex problems. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the Network throughout your time at LIS, including via workshops, site visits, guest talks, and more.

Your Careers Manager can make one-to-one, personal introductions on your behalf to members of the Network.

One-to-one careers coaching

We want our students to develop their professional identiy, sense of purpose, and build a network that will allow you to advance your career.

Showcase your existing and new skills in a powerful way
Gain insight into an area of work that interests you
Develop your career narrative
Joining the LIS Network

Organisations in our Network might want us to help them on a specific problem they’re facing, upskill their team in complex problem-solving, or hire from our student body.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch.

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