The LIS student experience

We know there’s more to life than studying and that a lot of what you’ll get out of your time at LIS will happen outside the classroom.

As an LIS student, you’ll be part of the fast-paced, intensive, and fun journey of building a new university. That means you’ll have a unique opportunity to play a key role in co-creating events and establishing clubs, societies, and traditions that future students will enjoy for years to come.

Student life

You'll have the opportunity to get involved in a number of diverse pursuits and activities at LIS. Our SXP team actively curates a broad range of events and activities that both complement your studies and help you develop new interests - and, have fun!

Clubs and societies
Get involved with a broad range of clubs & socs
Enjoy our common room between classes

Some of our student-led clubs & societies are sports-based (football, climbing, boxing) and others are interest-based (music, podcasting, exploring cultures, LGBT+, art).

If you want to launch your own club or society, go for it. We’ll provide you with the support to make it happen.

Support and wellbeing

We care about our students and want to help build your confidence and resilience whilst at LIS.

Our support offering includes drop-ins and 1:1 meetings with our Head of Student Support, mindfulness, and access to counselling and other local NHS services. We also offer workshops on managing stress, anxiety, sleep, organisation, and finances.

Our Head of Student Support is on hand to listen and provide advice, guidance, and support on any difficulty you may have.

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Our campus is based in East London, just off Brick Lane
What do our students think?

Current Student

"LIS is exactly the institution I hoped it would be plus more. The collected faculty has such diverse and overlapping sets of interests that I feel as though every field and method is only a message away. Without the dusty tradition and institutional sluggishness of my previous universities, the staff have been able to listen fully to students and their partners to build the university around the problems it solves. It's a really exciting place to be, and I'm thrilled to see how it continues to develop”


Current Student

"The best thing about this part of the journey is that LIS interviewed everyone that applied with an emphasis on prospective students being whole people rather than just a number. Having gone through the painstaking process of UCAS twice, it was refreshing to go through an alternative process that didn’t feel so un-human. The interview process for LIS was very holistic."


Current Student

"I liked all of my subjects and their corresponding areas; not only did I not know how to pick just one of them, I didn’t want to have to; although I realise I was lucky to be in the position where I didn’t necessarily have to decide this either… this degree did not force me to pick one subject and stick with it. It didn’t limit my options in what I could study or what I could do after the degree, and in doing so it opened doors rather than closing others.”


Current Student

"There is only so much you can be taught and so much you can read, but when debates or conversations start in our seminars, I am forced to think critically and am exposed to so many perspectives which is a very enriching experience.”


Current student

"I left secondary education deeply frustrated. I felt I had been forced to narrow it down and couldn't understand why. It seemed so clear that the things I cared about - sustainability, health promotion, community building, and the revolution heralded by AI, couldn't be understood (let alone tackled!) by one discipline alone.. Finding a university where I didn't have to sacrifice any of my interests, that had a strong focus on professional skills, and that would allow me to grapple with real-world problems was absolutely a no-brainer. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else."


Current student

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