Introducing LIS to schools and students

We teach students how to tackle complex problems, by applying knowledge and skills from a range of subjects across the arts, sciences, and humanities.

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Fames nulla tincidunt purus
The case for interdisciplinary learning in schools

We think this is pretty straightforward: complex, real-world problems are interdisciplinary - their solutions will not come from one subject or specialism alone - so our curriculum should be too.

When it comes to making the case for interdisciplinary learning in schools however, we have to consider seriously the many other competing demands on schools’ time. When so much effort is required to help students master the so-called basics, why complicate matters by trying to bring different subjects together?

We know just how difficult it is to create interdisciplinary units - and to timetable them. We’ve therefore made this a core part of our mission; we want to help schools find the space and opportunities for this sort of interdisciplinary learning. We think it matters.

How we support teachers, schools, and colleges

We offer free in-person and virtual enrichment sessions for secondary school students, including:

  • Introduction to interdisciplinary learning - what is it? Why is it important in today’s increasingly interconnected world? (20-40 minutes)

  • Interdisciplinary learning, complex problems, and careers (45-60 minutes)

  • The problem of inequality through an interdisciplinary lens (45-60 minutes)

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Our interdisciplinary enrichment programme

Our interdisciplinary enrichment programme looks to teach multifaceted real-world problems through an interdisciplinary lens, i.e., looking at problems from multiple perspectives. It centres around three distinct areas: complex problems, interdisciplinary learning, and careers.

The programme is planned and delivered by staff from LIS. There is no cost.

The programme is comprised of six one-hour sessions. They can be delivered as standalone sessions or in blocks, depending on your school’s individual needs. We can be flexible with dates and times to suit you.

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What do our students think?

"I really enjoyed the talk and made me realise that I could do a degree that holds more than one subjects. I was actually wanting to find a place like this and I feel I have found it."


Year 13

"We found it really fascinating and an invaluable experience for our students."

Senior Teacher

Godolphin and Latymer School

"Great workshop - really got me thinking. Very good to know I don't just have to go down one route and interesting to find out about a new approach to learning."


Year 13

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