Professional courses
Courses for professional problem-solvers

We offer a range of short courses and accredited certificates for professional learners. We also offer customised programmes organisations wrestling with challenges that are specific to them.



Accredited programmes to advance your skills and knowledge around an interdisciplinary topic.

8-10 hours per week

3 months


From £2,000

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Leadership programmes

Join a cohort of mission-driven leaders to develop your approach to leadership with an interdisciplinary perspective.

2-4 hours per week

3 months


From £2,000

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Short courses

Fill in gaps in your knowledge with one of our short courses, or brush-up on skills areas that could use some improvement.

2-4 hours per week

5 weeks


From £600

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Why interdisciplinary?

“The interesting thing about setting up a business is that it’s a series of problem-solving. What you need is an ability to focus in on a problem pull back out and connect the dots across the space.”

Richard Reed

Co-founder, Innocent Drinks

“A job like mine does not ask you only to be a public speaker, data analyst, project manager, writer, or team plater, but all of those thing together.”

Hassan Dalmuji

Senior Advisor, WHO

“The power of interdisciplinarity is being able to take a way of seeing the world from one area, one that’s rich in academic excellence, and then being able to transport it and map it onto something else.”

Dr Haibo E

Deepmind and Wayve