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An interdisciplinary degree opens doors to a variety of exciting, meaningful and in-demand career possibilities. Who says you have to be just one thing?

One-to-one careers coaching

All students have access to 1:1 career coaching from our Careers Manager who will help you:

Showcase your existing and new skills in a powerful way
Develop your professional identity
Gain insight into an area of work that interests you
The LIS Network

The LIS Network is a growing and active community of 200+ employers and organisations who are all committed to tackling complex problems. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the Network throughout your time at LIS, including via internships, site visits, guest talks, and more.

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“What can I do after graduation?”

Society needs doctors, engineers, and other deep specialists. But we also need expert generalists - people who can bring together knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines to tackle complex problems.

More and more, careers demand a breadth of skills across multiple areas, with knowledge from different disciplines.

Site visits

During the year, you’ll have the opportunity to attend site visits and see an organisation in action.

LIS Lates

We host a bi-monthly LIS Lates series, where thought-leaders join our students in the common room for fireside chats about their life, career trajectory, and aspirations.

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