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High-Performing Teams

Understand the dynamics of high-performing teams and unlock your leadership potential to drive team success.

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Programme highlights

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Join senior leaders from the legal, sporting and other sectors and learn how to foster a culture of high performance within your team through LIS' unique interdisciplinary approach.

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June 21st

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5 weeks

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£4,500 + VAT

Discount available for self-funders, start ups and non-profits.

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Self-paced learning & online sessions.
Two immersive days on campus.

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2-4 hours per week

90 min online interactive sessions with self-paced prep.

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the programme
Why High-Performance Teams Matter

Whether you're in sports, law, construction, or any other field, understanding how to create a culture that fosters collaboration and excellence is essential for success.

"This is not your typical high-performance or leadership programme. There is something different about this course from the London Interdisciplinary School. This course will spark and challenge your way of thinking. As much as the content is unique, rich and compelling, the diverse people in the room will be the real catalyst for positive change and learning."

- David Clancy, NxT Level Group, Guest faculty at LIS

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Our approach

In today's complex landscape, an interdisciplinary approach is crucial for understanding the multifaceted nature of high-performing teams in order to equip leaders with strategies for success.

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programme overview
Programme overview

We aim to leverage our experience in teaching interdisciplinary programmes on leadership, bringing together leaders from the sports, legal and other professional worlds to explore and develop new ideas around high performing culture, teamwork and leadership.

Your interdisciplinary LIS faculty
Carl Profile photo
Carl Gombrich
Dean of LIS

Carl is the Lead Academic at LIS and oversees curriculum design, teaching, and learning. He was previously a Professorial Teaching Fellow of Interdisciplinary Education at UCL and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Mattia Profile Photo
Dr mattia gallotti
LIS faculty

Mattia, a philosopher with an economics background, specialises in social philosophy, focusing on academic governance and innovation. His work integrates concepts of social ontology across various intellectual discourses, from cognitive science to theology. Formerly at LSE and the University of London, he now teaches at LIS.

Dr Bronwyn Tarr profile photo
dr bronwyn tarr
LIS faculty

Bronwyn is a human behavioural scientist interested in the evolution of social behaviours, particularly music and dance. She completed her DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford and has continued her research in evolutionary anthropology and psychology there.

James Profile Photo
dr james carney
LIS faculty

James, a computational linguist, explores the link between cognition and culture using AI. He merges interpretive, computational, and experimental methods. With experience in academia and as founder of Texture AI, he’s worked with many leading organisations.

Guest faculty
Amanda Lord

Amanda is a Cambridge Law Grad, former Barrister, now Legal Consultant, Certified Scrum Master, and Entrepreneur, passionate about group collaboration for positive impact.

Luca Dellanna

Luca is a management advisor focussed on enhancing revenue and profitability, and an executive coach for effective leadership. He also lectures in management, economics, psychology, and behavioural sciences.

David Clancy

David is a sports medicine specialist and performance consultant. Director of The Nxt Level Group, he recruits, coaches, and advises teams in the EPL, NBA, and NFL. He builds the team behind the team.