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Cross-functional leadership

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8-10 hours per week
4 months to complete
Remote-first with campus meet-ups


The world is becoming increasingly complex. To tackle the wicked problems, risks and opportunities many organisations face today, we need to be able understand the perspectives of a wide range of disciplines. At LIS we specialise in tackling real-world complex problems. As well as learning from experts in leadership, you’ll get the perspectives from a range of leading experts in a range of fields that will provide you the lenses required to be successful in today’s world.

"You know when someone asks you if you could have any superpower, what would it be? Well, LIS really feels like that superpower." - Dhiresh, current student

You'll learn how to:


Take people with you


Communicate across disciplines


Design collaborative organisations


Solve cross-functional problems

Learn how to lead cross-functional teams and synthesis their expertise to make the best decisions and strategies.

Join a supportive cohort of mission-led leaders and an interdisciplinary faculty of experts.

Who’s this course for?

This course is aimed at leaders and aspiring leaders in commercial, public sector, and mission-led organisations tackling complex problems. You are starting to deal with problems that go beyond your field of expertise and where there are range of stakeholders and complex issues to deal with. You are feeling the need to develop a breath of expertise alongside your deep knowledge in specific areas. We’ll expect you to be in a senior or leadership role.

Our professional alumni include senior leaders at FTSE 100 companies; serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists; chief executives of SMEs and charities; and leaders of ‘people’ functions in global corporations.

Above all else, they share a deep interest in this topic, an actively open mind and an appreciation that this is a demanding subject that requires an interdisciplinary method.

Course components

The course will bring together lenses, concepts, experience and techniques from a range of academic and professional disciplines.

How to take people with you


What does good leadership look like? Build the mental models that will enable you to lead as you move out of your own area of expertise and start to need to influence and develop strategies across a complex organisation.

Communicate across disciplines


Develop interactional expertise and learn the threshold concepts from a range of disciplines that will enable you to credibly communicate and understand different experts and get their buy in.

Design collaborative organisations


Build an understanding of the science of social groups and concepts like belonging. Use this to think about how you can cultivate collaboration and design collaborative organisations.

Cross-functional problem solving


Develop the skills to synthesise the expertise of different disciplines, work out what to pay attention to, and how the perspectives can be integrated make better decisions and strategies.


The content and delivery by expert faculty during Navigating Happiness were both excellent. If you’re looking for something to open your mind and occasionally make it ache, then this gets a high recommendation from me!
Senior leadership at FTSE 100 company
LIS’ interdisciplinary approach is unique, exploratory and challenging. I’ve already applied key learnings to my life and business and now consciously take daily action to enhance my happiness neurotransmitters! I’d recommend to anyone looking for a fresh and practical learning experience.
Chief Exec of digital marketing business
An intensely engaging, thought-provoking course. I came away with practical insights on how to allay organisational anxiety, how to meaningfully assess staff happiness, and how to actively improve the mood of my team.
Former McKinsey consultant, now start-up leader


James Carney
Expert in cognitive science and linguistics. Formerly a fellow in experimental psychology at Oxford.
Carl Gombrich
Mathematician, philosopher and physicist. LIS’ Academic Director and previously a Professor at UCL.
Bronwyn Tarr
Human behavioural scientist with expertise in the evolution of social behaviours. DPhil/PhD, Oxford.
Amelia Peterson
Social scientist with a background in policy and consulting. PhD, Harvard.
Ash Brockwell
Writer, and consultant with specialisms in wellbeing and sustainability. PhD, Wageningen.
Maria Madero
Artist and curator who has exhibited in cities all over the world.

Course Details

4 months
8-10 hours per week
Learning environment
Remote-first with optional campus meet-ups

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