Climate and Biodiversity Action

Understand the interconnected crises in climate, biodiversity, and pollution. Identify the opportunities and solutions for you to make an impact.

This course is no longer running.

Our approach

Complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions. Answers won’t come from one subject or specialism. Learn how to tackle the issues that matter to you.

Why interdisciplinary?

“The interesting thing about setting up a business is that it’s a series of problem-solving. What you need is an ability to focus in on a problem pull back out and connect the dots across the space.”

Richard Reed

Co-founder, Innocent Drinks

“A job like mine does not ask you only to be a public speaker, data analyst, project manager, writer, or team plater, but all of those thing together.”

Hassan Dalmuji

Senior Advisor, WHO

“The power of interdisciplinarity is being able to take a way of seeing the world from one area, one that’s rich in academic excellence, and then being able to transport it and map it onto something else.”

Dr Haibo E

Formerly Deepmind

Course overview

Climate and Biodiversity Action introduces you to the big picture of the interconnected crises in climate. You’ll learn how to develop a response within a context that’s relevant to you.

Learn to develop relevant and evidence-based strategies for tackling complex issues in the climate crisis.

Your interdisciplinary faculty


Dr Ash Brockwell
Problem-based learning lead / faculty

Ash is an artist, writer, and consultant with a passion for addressing the challenges of climate change.
Ash holds a master's degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a second master's degree in Environmental Anthropology. He also attained a PhD in Education for Sustainability from Wageningen University and Research Centre,
Today, Ash works as a consultant and has advised the United Nations, by using his interdisciplinary skills, on a range of projects related to climate change and biodiversity.

Lara Kinneir

Lara is a passionate designer with a background in architecture and spatial design, and a deep commitment to addressing environmental challenges. She trained in Glasgow, Madrid and London, and has worked on a range of projects focused on city regeneration, government policy, and design governance.
Lara has worked in a variety of settings, from design studios to think tanks to global organizations dedicated to improving people's lives and protecting the planet. She brings an interdisciplinary approach to her work, leveraging her expertise in design, policy, and sustainability to develop innovative solutions to complex environmental problems.

James Everest

James is a scholar with a deep interest in environmental issues, particularly climate change and biodiversity. After studying languages at Cambridge, he worked in public sector communications for three years and went on to complete a Masters in English Literature at Queen Mary, University of London. He also has a PhD in the history of science at UCL, with a focus on the intersection of science and the environment.
He has also taught on interdisciplinary programmes such as the Liberal Arts and the Natural Sciences degree programme at the University of Birmingham and the Arts and Sciences programme at UCL.

Dr Anson Cheung

Anson is a theoretical physicist with a strong interest in climate change and biodiversity conservation. He has a background in building models in condensed matter physics, with a PhD from the University of Cambridge.As an educator, he is passionate about fostering interdisciplinary thinking and equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills they need to tackle the complex environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Rosita Bannert

Rosita is a UCL BASc graduate who is passionate about climate action and biodiversity preservation. She leads a polymathic life, pursuing multiple careers that enable her to create positive change in the world. As a self-taught web engineer, Rosita uses her skills to build digital solutions that promote sustainable living and protect our natural environment. In addition, she has a keen interest in traditional materials and incorporates them into her work whenever possible. Whether through code or physical construction, Rosita strives to make a meaningful impact on the planet and inspire others to do the same.

Passionate about tackling the climate and biodiversity crises
Working in or looking to work in a climate related field
Excited by new perspectives
Looking to grow your network
Looking to advance or transition your career
About you

This course has been designed for individuals wishing to advance in sustainability or start a new career to tackle the climate climate and biodiversity loss.