September 1, 2022

Our first year of internships

Dr. Ash Brockwell
There exists a mental health crisis across Higher Education

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Many useful and clever things happen in universities. But, most of the time, that knowledge doesn’t make it out into the rest of the world. We think it should. 

So we created something called the LIS Network: a growing group of organisations who want to use interdisciplinarity to make change. These organisations span the public, private, and third sectors. In other words, we work with people from government, business, and charities, to make sense of complexity and find opportunity within. 

We work with them in a few different ways, one of which is internships. We broker internships each year for our undergraduates with these organisations, with the aim of creating a mutually beneficial relationship: organisations get eager problem-solvers, and our students get invaluable work experience.

We’re happy to report that 100% of home students who wanted internships were offered one with our Network. Examples of projects or immersive placements they’ve taken on include: 

We also had students interning with Fidelity, The Conduit, Texture AI, Vivobarefoot, Spitalfields City Farm, Tower Hamlets Council, Tech Nation, HS1, and many other organisations who are waking up to the world of interdisciplinarity.

It’s great preparation for real-world problem-solving – because it is real-world problem-solving. Internships also help students figure out what they want to do (or what they don’t want to do) after graduation. As well as learning about work, work environments, and what they like and don’t like, students also learn a lot about themselves — how to navigate work challenges, develop and build their skills, and expand their own network.

We think all of this is important too.

Click here to meet Helen, our careers manager

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