July 5, 2022

Matt Walton joins LIS as Chief Product Officer


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The addition of this leadership role reflects an exciting stage of LIS’s journey to build a new university.

Earlier this month, we rang in the end of their first academic year. In the autumn, we will welcome two new cohorts; the second cohort of undergraduate students and the first ever cohort of master’s students.

With this expanding community of interdisciplinary learners, LIS is entering a new phase of organisational growth as we continue to transform the higher education landscape. To lead the way, LIS has appointed Matt Walton as Chief Product Officer, a new position within the organisation.  

Formerly one of FutureLearn’s founding team and Chief Product Officer, Matt helped establish the platform as the biggest European Massive Open Online Course provider. He has since become an advisor and coach to a variety of EdTech startups and scale ups like OpenClassrooms, Microverse and Academy, supporting the development of a product mindset and the creation of new educational products. He is also Faculty Lead for Emerge Education’s Product-Market Fit Academy.

As CPO of LIS, Matt’s role will focus on expanding the undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses for a wider range of audiences, as well as helping us continue to build new and innovative learning experiences for our learners and making the most of the opportunities technology provides.  

Ed Fidoe, CEO of LIS, says of this appointment: “Matt’s experience and vision will be pivotal in shaping our product mindset as we grow over the next 3-5 years. He is passionate about accessible and inclusive online education, lifelong learning, and products that put people and the planet first. We’re thrilled to bring him on board in this leadership position and look forward to delivering new products for all types of learners that are fit for the modern world.”

Matt, welcome to LIS; We’re excited to welcome you to the team!

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