March 31, 2022

LIS x H&M sustainability competition: The brief


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"At H&M Group, we consider the needs of present and future generations, and are aware that our entire business must be conducted in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. This is why we set clear ambitions and bold goals."   - Helena Helmersson, CEO H&M Group

LIS X H&M Sustainability Competition – The Brief

What’s the task?

You are part of H&M’s sustainability team. Your job is to work with schools to help them understand the problem of sustainability, diagnose their performance today and create an action plan for the future.

Specifically, the five steps you will need to take are:

1.  Explain why sustainability is a problem that requires an interdisciplinary approach so that you and your team have the background expertise to advise your school

2.  Conduct a sustainability diagnostic on your school’s practices

​docx icon

using this toolkit

3.  Use your findings to help design and create a project that encourages sustainable practices in your school community

4.  Demonstrate how you would effectively use prize money to support your action plan, including what changes you’d make and ways you’d assess the impact

5.       Submit a video, along with a summary of your findings and plans in a PowerPoint presentation using this form

You can read more about how to complete the five steps here.

How will you be judged?

The deadline for the competition is 5.00pm on Friday 17th June 2022. Once you’ve submitted your video and presentation, leaders from the H&M sustainability team and educationalists from LIS will review your findings and plans.

They will be particularly interested to see how you have worked as a team and how you plan to work with the school to help them become a more sustainable community.

The judging panel will want to see each member of your team participate in the video (which should last no longer than 3 minutes) as well as research and a clear plan in your PowerPoint.

What are the prizes?


·       £5000 will be awarded to the winning group’s school which will help to fund their sustainability action plan

·       A trip to the H&M showroom in London where they’ll meet and have a presentation from leaders in the H&M sustainability team. This invaluable experience will give students an insight into how organisations like H&M are making steps towards making fashion more sustainable

·      Each group member will win a £50 voucher for H&M that can be used online or in stores


·       £3000 will be awarded to the group’s school which will help to fund their sustainability action plan


·       £2000 will be awarded to the group’s school which will help to fund their sustainability action plan

Who can enter?

·       Applicants must be between 16 – 18 years old

·       Applicants must be from the UK

·       All group members must attend the same school

·       The group must have a teacher contact at the school as part of their submission

·       The group should have a maximum of 5 members

·       The group should have members who study a range of subjects between them

Please note that LIS will be running an outreach programme to coach select schools their competition submissions.

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