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Our commitment

We know that starting a degree is a big life transition. We want to make sure you have the support you need—whether it’s help with your academics, professional, or personal circumstances.

These are just some of the initiatives we offer as part of our commitment to a consistently evolving student. As an LIS student, you’ll be able to shape what wellbeing looks like at LIS.

Settling in

The start of your degree is all about you getting to know us and becoming comfortable with the LIS learning environment.

We’ll be hosting a number of social events throughout Founders’ Week, where you’ll meet the LIS faculty, professional staff, and your fellow students. During these events you’ll get to explore our campus and get to know the wider neighbourhood we call home.

As you settle in, you’ll join group mentoring sessions to help you navigate the transition to higher education. You’ll also have your first session with your academic coach—who will be a key point of support for you throughout your academic journey at LIS.

Your wellbeing

When you enrol at LIS, you’ll be assigned key support pillars who will work with you throughout your degree.

You’ll have the option to meet each of these advisors one-to-one several times throughout the academic year. They’ll support your learning, your personal development, and prepare you to enter the world of work. An onsite counsellor will also be available to students.

During your time at LIS, you’ll have access to general advice and guidance on topics like nutrition, exercise, and financial management. We’re also working with partners to offer free-to-all wellbeing and enrichment activities including sessions on diversity, resilience, and and mindfulness.

Additional support is available to those students with learning differences, disabilities, or other medical conditions and we will work with the student to develop an individual support plan that reflects any reasonable adjustments that might be needed.

Support Pillars

Academic coach

Your academic coach will play a crucial role in facilitating your learning throughout the degree. Coaches will work closely with students in small groups, meeting regularly to synthesise the concepts and methods learned, and help draw connections between them to tackle problems. Academic coaches will be members of our faculty and will offer 1:1 support to their assigned students.

Welfare advisor

All students will have access to dedicated 1:1 welfare support. The welfare advisor can offer ongoing guidance to students who may be familiarising themselves with the new learning style and environment. The welfare advisor will also be able to connect you to other services, such as counselling, financial advice, personal development workshops, and local NHS services.

Career mentor

Your career mentor will support you in defining your career goals and developing your professional skills and networks. They’ll be your guide and advisor as you navigate the transition from higher education into the world of work. You’ll have regular meetings with your career mentor from the outset of your time at LIS, giving you the opportunity to explore your professional aspirations from your first year of study.

Wellbeing guidance

If you’re looking for medical professionals or wellbeing practitioners near campus, we can help.

Get in touch to speak with our student experience team who will be able to offer support and guidance.

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