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The world needs interdisciplinary problem-solvers.

'The most radical new university to open in decades.' - The Times

At LIS, we believe that answers to the world’s most complex problems won’t come from a single subject or specialism – that we need to bring together the arts, sciences and humanities.

That’s why we teach undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals how to solve complex, real-world problems by applying knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines.

But the dots won’t connect themselves. That’s where you come in.


We’re the first institution in over 50 years to be able to award our own degrees from the start, having been awarded top marks in every area of academic standards and qualities by the Office for Students (the higher education regulator in England).

An incubator for 21st century polymaths.

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Most people are interested in interdisciplinarity for one of two reasons:

1. Their intellectual curiosity doesn’t fit into a box. It spans multiple disciplines from across the arts, sciences and humanities.

2. They recognise that complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions.

If you fall into either/both of these categories – or refuse to fit into a category to begin with – then welcome to the club.

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Curious? The best way to learn more about LIS is to join us for Open Day or other event, either online or in-person at our east London campus.

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