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LIS Results Day
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The future of education is interdisciplinary.

Results day

Ahead of A-level results day, we’ve put together some information on what you can expect from us, and a few tips on how to best organise yourself for the day. 

If you’re an LIS offer holder, review the process for the day and make sure you know what to expect.

If you’re still considering applying to LIS, find out how you can apply in 3 easy steps.


The home of

As an LIS student, you’ll be part of the fast-paced, intensive, and fun journey of building a new university.

Whether at undergraduate, master’s or professional level, you’ll be part of buzzing community of interdisciplinary learners.

Discover our unique student experience proposition and get to know our new campus in Whitechapel.

A new style of graduate who is more rounded and able to solve problems.

Our mission

Education for
the future

Global events show that the world is complex. Leaders in politics, business and academia need knowledge that spans beyond the siloed nature of our current higher education system. We’re building a brand new university that will give students the knowledge and skills needed to address social and global problems in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Events at LIS

Explore our range of events for prospective undergraduate and master’s students, as well as talks and networking events for the wider public.

ID Hub

A Space
To Learn

This is your space to read, watch, learn and discover more about interdisciplinary learning, how it can be used to help tackle real-world problems, and connect with curious learners like yourself.

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