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The LIS Sprint

Join the LIS team on one of our 5-week problem-based learning Sprints. Running in January and February 2021.

Apply to the LIS Sprint

Applications have now closed.

LIS Discovery Programme

5-week LIS Sprint


This is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into how an interdisciplinary approach can be used to tackle complex problems. You'll test parts of our degree, learn from our team of leading academics, and give feedback on the overall LIS experience.

Apply to the LIS Sprint
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The Sprint

There are two Sprints to choose from, and each is five-weeks in length.

For five weeks, you will explore a real-world problem that could become part of our undergraduate degree. You will be learning about different subjects and methods, while also giving feedback on the course.

The Sprints will be mostly online, with one day per week planned to take place face-to-face at LIS HQ in London. Please note that participants can apply to both Sprints, but will only be able to take part in one.

Sprint #1: 11 January - 12 February
Sprint #2: 22 February - 26 March

Is this for you?

This is your chance to join a diverse community who, like you, are interested in a range of subjects, passionate about solving real-world problems, frustrated with the lack of exciting undergraduate options, and willing to learn while being part of a start-up environment.

You'll complete the Sprint with an insight into interdisciplinary learning and connections with peers that extend beyond the Sprint.

Do you want to learn new skills in a fast-paced and rewarding environment?

Do you want to meet like-minded curious individuals?

Do you want to learn from our team of leading academics, joining LIS from the likes of Harvard, Oxbridge, and LSE?

Wondering why you'll be paid to sprint?

At LIS, we're building a new university to prepare students to tackle some of the most important and complex problems faced by the world today. We have an ambitious vision, so before we launch, we need to battle-test and future-proof the degree.

This is a full-time, fixed-term opportunity to earn £1,000 over five weeks while helping us test the degree.

Up for the challenge? Apply now.

Apply to the LIS Sprint
LIS Discovery Day

Applying to the LIS Sprint

The Sprint could be for you if you're a: recent school leaver taking a gap year; a student who isn't 100% sure about committing to 3 years of undergraduate studies; or considering enrolling in the LIS undergraduate degree.

There are two Sprints to choose from and only 20 places on each Sprint.

Candidates can apply to both Sprints, but will only be able to take part in one.

Applications close on the 15th of November 2020.

  • 01 Application requirements
  • 02 Phone interview
  • 03 Interview
  • 04 Offer
  • LIS Discovery Day Mission Room

    Application requirements

    All applicants must be 18 years or older by the start of the course, fluent in English, and eligible to work in the UK.

    We welcome applications from all subject backgrounds, whether you've specialised in STEM, the arts, or humanities.

    There are no subject or grade requirements to apply. We'll use a holistic approach to understand what you've achieved given your starting point in life, as well as your future potential.
  • LIS Discovery Day

    Phone interview

    Approved applicants will take part in a short phone interview.
  • LIS admissions_offer


    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an online interview. During the online interview we want to understand your passion, energy, and willingness to learn. You don’t need to prepare - just be yourself.
  • students working on a project at LIS


    If successful, you will join one of the LIS Sprints in 2021.
Carl Gombrich - Faculty - LIS

We're looking for individuals who are comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. It will be challenging. But it will also be rewarding and you'll forever be an important part of the LIS journey.

Carl Gombrich, Lead Academic

Key information

5 weeks
Sprint #1 Dates
11 January - 12 February 2021
Sprint #2 Dates
22 February - 26 March 2021
Application deadline
15th November
Mostly online, with one day per week planned to take place face-to-face at LIS HQ in London
Number of places
There two Sprints and are 20 places available per Sprint
Accommodation will not be provided
Applicants must be at least 18-years old when the Sprint commences, fluent in English, and eligible to work in the UK

COVID-19 update

student learning at LIS

COVID-19 update

It remains a possibility that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021 and impact on the overall Sprint experience. Given this, we are developing contingency to deliver our academic degree and broader student proposition completely remotely, should this be required. Our faculty includes individuals with a range of proven expertise in digital delivery across multiple media, and we are confident that, should teaching have to move fully online, we are well-equipped to deliver an excellent learning experience. We shall be monitoring COVID-related risks and developing further contingencies over the coming months to ensure that your Sprint experience is safe and engaging.

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