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The LIS Network

About the LIS Network

The LIS Network is a growing and diverse community of organisations (from start-ups to large corporations) who are both impacted by, and committed to, tackling complex problems both at the local and global level.

Individuals in the LIS Network will have the opportunity to discuss the impact of these complex problems on their respective organisations, sectors and industries, and reflect on different approaches in tackling these issues.

The LIS Network brings the worlds of academia and practitioners together to generate new insights and perspectives. Through joining the Network, you'll connect and build relationships with other professionals, collaborate with students from a range of diverse backgrounds, gain new perspectives on learning and problem solving, and be part of building both a new community and university.

Do you want to join the LIS Network? Simply drop Marielle a message via the form at the bottom of this page.

World of work

Opportunities to connect and learn

ID @ Work

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ID @ Work

Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Technology & Ethics… just some of the complex issues organisations across sectors and industries are grappling with in a fast-changing and uncertain world. Complex problems that can’t just be “solved”. They require an interdisciplinary (ID) approach and diverse perspectives. Through the ID @ Work series of Breakfasts, Masterclasses and Events, LIS brings together the worlds of academia and practitioners to generate new insights and perspectives.

Complex Problems Breakfast Series

The LIS breakfasts bring together organisations from across the LIS Network with LIS faculty and staff for an intimate and engaging roundtable conversation on a specific complex issue. Attendees are invited to share and discuss the impact of these complex problems on their respective organisations and industries, and are introduced to an interdisciplinary perspective in tackling these issues.

The breakfasts take place every month and are invitation-only events.


Masterclasses are half day workshops offering a deep dive by one of our expert Faculty members on a complex problem, introducing a combination of different interdisciplinary lenses and methods to approach the issue. They are an opportunity to connect with each other and LIS around problems that matter, and develop new ways of thinking about these issues.

Masterclasses take place 4 times a year and attendance is through registration only. More information coming soon.

Events and Talks

LIS regularly hosts talks and events open to all members of the Network, and is always keen to explore collaboration with other organisations to co-host such events.

Professional Development Programmes

Coming soon. Watch this space for an update on Professional Development Programmes at LIS.

Engaging with the LIS Student Community

Organisations in the LIS Network play a meaningful role in supporting students in their growth and development throughout their student journey and beyond. There are multiple ways in which organisations can get involved, from sharing expertise to hosting site visits and providing internships. 

Sharing Expertise

We will invite outside speakers with a range of expertise to give guest talks and masterclasses so students can gain insights on complex problems within the context of multiple sectors and industries. They will also engage in professional development and mentorship activities with students.

Site Visits

Organisations will engage with students through hosting site visits which will give them the opportunity to help them develop their understanding of the specific company, industry or sector and expose them to different work contexts.


LIS actively sources internship opportunities through organisations in the LIS Network. These are great opportunities for students to put their learning to work and gain meaningful work experience, and for organisations to tap into a diverse talent pool of interdisciplinary problem solvers offering new perspectives on complex issues in their organisation or industry.

Join the LIS Network

If you're a professional and would like to join the LIS Network or find out a bit more about how you can get involved, please get in touch!

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0203 409 1912

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