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Quant at LIS

Event: what to expect

Wednesday 14th July, 5.00 – 6.00pm (GMT)

Faculty members Dr Bronwyn Tarr, Dr Ebrahim Patel, and Dr James Carney will be leading a session on what to expect from the quant stream at LIS. We know our curriculum is different. And we want you to feel confident and prepared for what’s coming up.

You can register for the event here.


Suggested quantitative courses and materials in preparation for September 2021


🎙️ Barbara Oakley, Learning How to Learn (The Knowledge Podcast from Farnam Street, 1.5 hours)

💻  Data Science Math Skills, Duke University (Coursera, 13 hours)

📖  Math in Society, David Lippman, Pierce College (Open Library), Sections: Problem Solving, Growth Models, Statistics, Describing Data

💻  Mathematics for Science and Technology (Open University, 24 hours) (for those students who didn’t take this as a condition of their offer)

🎥  Introduction to the Bash Command line. (Bash is a programming language that allows you to interact directly with your computer instead of using a mouse and graphical user interface. A basic knowledge of Bash is very valuable for using other languages like python.)


💻  Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling, Wharton UPenn (Coursera, 8 hours)

💻  Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Weeks 1-4, Stanford (Coursera, 14 hours)

📖  Math in Society, David Lippman, Pierce College (Open Library), Sections: Problem Solving, Growth Models, Finance, Statistics, Describing Data, Probability

💻  Mathematics for Science and Technology (Open University, 24 hours)

🎥  sentdex’s Introduction to python. This series of videos offers a friendly and accessible introduction to the basics of python programming.

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