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Leadership is interdisciplinary. Your education should respect this.

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Our purpose

Because complex problems don't respect the boundaries in your education.

The challenges faced by contemporary organisations are more interconnected and unpredictable than ever before. In this environment, leaders require a broad network of knowledge and the cognitive flexibility to be comfortable in the face of extreme uncertainty. These leaders can move across new domains, grapple with issues never seen before and synthesise novel solutions through unlikely combinations. That’s why LIS delivers interdisciplinary programmes; programmes that engage with the true complexity you’re facing.

Why does professional education require an interdisciplinary approach?

We use the metaphor of the dragonfly’s eye. The eye of a dragonfly is a compound eye made up of thousands of smaller lenses. Each of these smaller lenses sees only a fraction of the whole. But together, they provide a far richer representation of the world than we have access to – dragonflies see reality at 200 frames per second while humans are confined to 60. LIS brings together expertise from a diversity of disciplines––from machine learning to complexity science to social psychology to aesthetics.

With LIS, you’ll develop these compound lenses. You’ll go way beyond mainstream business education. You’ll broaden your problem-solving set. And you’ll bring to bear the full extent of your expertise on the most important challenges you face.

How we're different

Always problem first

Our programmes start with the problem. So your learning will always be inextricably linked to the real-world challenges you’re facing.

Connected expertise

Our team are at the cutting edge of research and practice across the disciplines. And we’re never restricted by subject silos - we specialise in connecting our insights.

The science of learning

We pride ourselves on expert teaching, always informed by the latest evidence about what really drives long-term impact for learners.

Leadership programmes coming soon

Navigating Happiness

Explore the art, science and humanity of wellbeing and rethink how you can support your organisation to thrive.

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Programmes launching soon

  • Understanding ambiguity

    Engage with the cognitive, social and emotional dimensions of ambiguity, and transform how you take decisions in the face of incomplete information.

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  • Diversity in collaboration

    Difference can be difficult. So engage with the evidence behind why and how diverse groups produce extraordinary outcomes.

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  • Between risk and uncertainty

    Faced with the unknown and unknowable, take new statistical, cultural and behavioural lenses to help you chart a path.

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Finding the right programme for you

LIS works with leaders at all stages in their development: from experienced executives to those transitioning to leadership for the very first time.

Our core programmes take fresh, interdisciplinary perspectives on problems that are at the same time familiar and complex. We always guarantee academic rigour and practical applicability.

We also offer customised programmes, for those individuals and organisations seeking support with challenges that are specific to them. We’ll guide leaders through an interdisciplinary approach to the challenges that they face. We focus on grappling with the big picture, joining the dots and understanding how all elements of the organisation and wider environment interconnect.

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