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5 reads/listens on urban design and cities

Nepor Ngobeh
06 August 2020
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Building better cities after COVID-19
Azeem Azhar (Founder, Exponential View) and Sameh Wahba (Director, World Bank) discuss the building of better cities after COVID-19. Wahba believes that cities can emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever before, and explains how the World Bank is assisting cities which are being hit the hardest by the pandemic.
Read more>>


Building for a healthy life
The government has recently updated the UK-wide design tool ‘‘Building for a Healthy Life’, that focuses on creating spaces that bring people and nature together. It contains 12 criteria that can be used as a test to determine if the principles of good design are being met. Many local authorities across the country have cited the former ‘Building for Life 12’ in their Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents and the new ‘Building for Healthy Life’ replaces this. Read more>>


Physicist discovers that the reason why we all live in cities is…1.15
Scientist Geofrey West uses maths to connect the cities around the world. He used the mathematical analysis usually applied to the fundamental laws of the universe to find out if there are any general characteristics across global cities. West and his team collected huge amounts of data from all over the world which revealed curious differences in the way cities grow. Read more>>


A big little idea called legibility
There are some common failings when it comes to urban planning, forestry etc. James C.Scott, an American political scientist and anthropologist, calls this concept ‘legibility’. The reason why these failures may occur is due to failures in understanding older cities. Read more>>


The natural experiment
One consequence of the pandemic is that air quality in various cities has drastically improved. In Jalandhar, India, mountains that weren’t visible before due to the air pollution can now be seen, including the Himalayas. Previously, it was said that better air quality wasn’t possible, but this example strongly suggests that more can be done to provide cleaner air. Read more>>

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