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Enhancing capacity for sustainable urban design: an interdisciplinary approach

Goal 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals refers explicitly to ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’.  It has ten targets, which include ensuring access to safe and affordable housing and basic services, expanding public transport, providing inclusive and accessible green spaces and public spaces, and reducing the environmental impact of cities.  

Who’s afraid of Ernö Goldfinger?

Tower blocks get a bad press in the UK. But should they? It is easy to fall into the trap of blaming architecture (and even architects) for social ills. But poor upkeep, and poor security are major contributing factors when high rises become crime-ridde, though obviously design can be a factor too. In the 1970s, Ernö Goldfinger was often blamed for problems linked with the two London tower blocks he designed. Was that fair?

Watch Lucia’s take on urban design for wellness

Lucia is a sixth-form student doing an EPQ based on urban design for wellness. The title of her project is ‘Can urban design help to improve wellness and sustainability in sub-saharan cities’.