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Ten Free Graphic Design Resources

Here’s a list of ten online resources to get you started with graphic design. All the resources are free to use (i.e. they are ‘open source’) but some do have premium options if you would like to subscribe to the advanced versions.

Introduction to Graphic Design

This introduction will make you aware of what to consider when designing: purpose & audience, shape, alignment, whitespace, colour, typography, and readability.

COVID-19: Preventing Outbreaks

How do social, economic, historical and political factors intertwine with ecology to make ‘spillover’ (transfer of new viruses from animals to humans) increasingly likely, and can anything be done to prevent it?

A Brief History of Chaos

The key takeaway from chaos theory is that the smallest of changes in a system can grow explosively to produce substantial differences in that system’s behaviour. This is sometimes known as the butterfly effect. The idea is that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Edinburgh could cause a tornado in Mississippi three weeks later. By contrast, in an identical copy of the world sans the Scottish butterfly, no such tornado would have occurred in Mississippi.