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The Complex Problem of Social Media

In 2017, researchers coined the term “eco-anxiety” in response to the rise in severe anxiety related to our relationship with the environment. Issues surrounding big data, data protection and privacy may lead to a similar anxiety disorder evolving, and eventually being established, in the near future.

Social Media Reading List: Data, Mis/disinformation, and Policy & Regulation

Social media is a huge topic. There are infinite articles, videos, and other discussion on the subject – and it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve rounded up some great introductory reading to help you get acquainted with such a broad and fast moving conversation.

3 Podcasts to Listen to About Activism

We have a listed 3 interesting listens around activism and social movements. Including student rights, free speech and Gandhi.

Ethics and the Value of Lives

Take a look at the ethical questions raised by COVID-19 and its social consequences, questions not just about facts, but about how we should act.

Privacy and Civil Liberties

When is it acceptable to curtail individual liberties and infringe on others’ privacy in relation to the COVID-19 crisis? These are unusual times, but how much freedom can ordinary people be expected to give up? In some countries already there is the suspicion that the pandemic is acting as a convenient smokescreen while civil liberties are being eroded far beyond what is proportionate to the crisis.

The Language of COVID-19

The language used to describe COVID-19 is fascinating and important. The rhetoric and metaphors politicians and others use in speaking about it betray attitudes and assumptions. The new words and phrases which have been coined as a result of the pandemic and its social consequences are also worth examining.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a well-known concept in modern game theory. Game theory is a framework for modelling scenarios where different ‘players’ have conflicts of interest. The Prisoner’s Dilemma presents us with a paradox in decision analysis in which two individuals, acting in their own self-interest, fail to produce the optimal outcome.

Political Bioethics & COVID-19

Is healthcare a human right? And does racism underly some of the UK’s response to the pandemic, given that BAME people are significantly more likely than other people to die from the disease?