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The Visuality of The Invisible

More than ever we have become aware of our most simple spontaneous gestures and our physical relation to the world, what we touch and how we breathe. The visual ecosystem around us has changed in the real and in the virtual. We are now used to grids of talking heads on screens, faces covered with masks, images of respiratory devices in the news, images of the world “healing”, and depictions of the virus, amongst others. That change of visuality underlines the impact of the virus on our everyday lives.

Forward-Thinking Fashion

Some critics of the fashion industry accuse it of perpetuating throwaway culture, whilst others point other to environmental and ethical issues in the supply chain and manufacturing processes. Nonetheless, where there are problems, there are innovations. Here are 10 brands who are making steps towards sustainable fashion.

Ten Free Graphic Design Resources

Here’s a list of ten online resources to get you started with graphic design. All the resources are free to use (i.e. they are ‘open source’) but some do have premium options if you would like to subscribe to the advanced versions.

Introduction to Graphic Design

This introduction will make you aware of what to consider when designing: purpose & audience, shape, alignment, whitespace, colour, typography, and readability.