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The Week In The Good News (28/09)

Explore how mutualism works with insights into the relationships of different types of organisms across the animal kingdom. Including seed dispersers such as lizards, crickets and banana slugs. Read more>>

Two years ago, scientists found water under the surface of the Mars South Pole. Now they have revealed that there are several pools of water underneath the ice, but it can’t be reached by humans. Read more>>

The special skin quality of scar-free wound healing that is normally found in infants can now be replicated in adults. This can lead to scar-free treatments. Read more>>

Designer, Daniel Voshart uses his amazing skills to bring to life the faces of Roman emperors using machine learning. Read more>>

Berry Creative has created a set of stamps with images of birds, thunderstorms and clouds that change colour due to its heat-reactive ink. This is to help highlight the effects of climate change. Read more>>

Black History Month:
Architect David Adjaye has received the award for the Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Gold Medal 2021. He is the first black architect to win the prize. He has worked on projects such as the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Ideas Store Whitechapel in London. Read more>>

Scientists have created an enzyme that devours plastic. Its main target is PET which is used to make plastic bottles. This can potentially help with the reduction of plastic waste. Read more>>

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