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The Week In Good News (31/08)

A new study has revealed that a molecule found in honeybee venom could be used to suppress the growth of certain types of cancer cells. Read more>>

Easton LaChapelle has created a prosthetic arm that uses muscle sensors to generate movements, and can be controlled using the mind. Read more>>

A design studio called Dutch Invertuals has created tiny offices out of corrugated aluminium. The idea came from uncertainty around the traditional workplace due to COVID-19. Read more>>

IBM and the London design studio Made Thought have come together to create “the world’s first online encyclopaedia of plastic-free materials”. Their aim is to help product designers reduce their reliance on single-use plastic. Read more>>

Researchers have found that CRISPR technology could be used to treat obesity by making white fat behave like brown fat, therefore burning higher levels of energy. Read more>>

Scientists detected the most massive collision of two black holes resulting in a mass black hole – one of the first ever seen. But it only lasted one tenth of a second. Read more>>

What if you could find out where the place you’re in now was 750 million years ago? An interactive map called Ancient Earth Globe reveals what the planet looked like years back, and where that would’ve put you. Read more>>

New research has shown that “swapping bodies” with someone can lead you to acquire that person’s beliefs. 33 pairs of friends ‘virtually’ swapped bodies and realised that through the process, they also adopted that person’s personality traits. Read more>>


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