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The Week in Good News (31/05)

In celebration of Pride Month, a new visual identity has been announced for Stonewall. The work includes an arrow device with an equals sign, to represent the movement pushing forward. Find out more > > 

Romande Energie have built the world’s first floating mountain solar farm in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The solar farm, which stretches more than 2000 square meters, can produce enough energy to supply 225 households for a year. Find out more > > 

Meet Lightyear, the new London based startup that’s building a stock trading app focused on wading trade fees and a more transparent way of investing in the global market. Find out more > > 

NASA has selected two new missions to Venus, which have been called DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. With very different aims, the two missions are hoping to investigate the composition of Venus’ atmosphere and the planet’s geological history. Find out more > > 

Take a look at the winners of the 2021 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition. Take a look at The New Kid in School, which captures the effortless swimming efforts of hundreds of fish. Find out more > > 

Women are breaking records on the Fortune 500. For the first time, two black women have been named on the list. And the number of women running their own businesses has hit an all-time high. Find out more > > 

Take a look at The Independent’s top 10 cultural things to do in June. The list varies from the immersive art experience of Van Gogh’s Alive in Kensington Gardens, to a neo-soul gig at the London Colour Factory. Find out more > > 

The University of Pennsylvania and Verve Theraptutics have found a new CRISPR treatment that has lowered cholesterol in monkeys by 60%, in just one week. The study shows early promise that this therapy may be approved for humans. Find out more > > 

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