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The Week In Good News (30/11)

Polymateria, UK based Envirotech firm, uses an interdisciplinary approach to create a plastic material that has the potential to naturally biodegrade. Now, this ground-breaking approach to plastic waste has the power to shape a more sustainable future. Find out more >>

DeepMind, Google’s Artificial intelligence research lab, developed a program that can determine the 3D shape of a protein. In fact, this development in AI could make it possible to decipher gene variations that cause diseases. Find out more >>

A solution to toxic fuel? An Israeli start-up has potentially developed a new fuel that could transform the negative environmental impact that the space industry has. Find out more >>

A university professor has stumbled upon a rare plant that was thought to be extinct. The pandemic has enabled many to explore their local area, resulting in the discovery that cultivation and conservation can reinvigorate natural life. Find out more >>

A Chinese probe on the Moon will bring back geological samples for the first time in forty-four years. These samples will shed further light on the current hypothesis of the formation of the Earth-Moon system. Find out more >>

The UN Paris Climate Agreement’s goals could be achieved with countries promising to reach net zero-targets by 2060! The Climate Action Tracker has found that emissions have fallen by 0.7% in the last five years, and this will continue with the implementation of national policy. Find out more >>

The ‘ecosystem engineers’ of British nature have celebrated a feat. Beavers have built a Dam in Exmoor for the first time in 400 years, which has created an opportunity for local wildlife to thrive! Find out more >>

Can you reverse time? Well, the regeneration of injured nerves in mice suggests that age-related deterioration could be reversed, specifically in the case of vision restoration. Biologists say the approach could go on to reverse the ageing of organs, such as the heart, kidneys and lungs.  Find out more >>

The Goldman Environmental Prize celebrates the strides that several grassroots activists from the Bahamas, Mexico, Ecuador, Myanmar, France and Ghana have made in conservation and biodiversity. Through advocacy and youth empowerment Kristal Ambrose from the Bahamas has achieved a nationwide ban on single-use plastics. Find out more >>

Through the celebration of the African continent and a drive to challenge conventional methods of education and zero-carbon architecture, Sumayya Vally has won the Serpentine Pavilion Commission. The social impact of her work will stand to last, as she is the first to place components of her work in marginalised communities. Find out more >>

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