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The Week in Good News (27/09)

British designer Es Devlin is planning to reveal an installation of 197 trees during the COP26 conference. The installation aims to raise awareness about the climate crisis. The tiny forest will be replanted in Glasgow after the COP26 is finished. Find out more>> 

The growing field of neuroaesthetics has been the topic of conversation at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival. They just might have the answers to how certain sights, colours and sounds might have the ability to lift your mood. Find out more>> 

The augmented reality developed Nreal has announced a near pair of AR glasses that is solely focused on streaming and displaying media. Down the YouTube rabbit hole we go. Find out more>> 

Physicists have managed to create and take images of the infamous Wigner crystals after 90 years. The images have captured the inside of a material where electrons form a honeycomb pattern, to create a solid within a solid. Find out more>> 

Black History Month has launched a series of events across the UK. Some include the stories of Windrush families being displayed in Wales, and a new social media campaign encouraging all to share what they are proud to be. Find out more>> 

Two vitamins that have been found in meat could slow down the spread of some neurodegenerative diseases. A study conducted in Science Translational Medicine has found how the nutrient thiamine may be the solution to a new treatment strategy. Find out more>> 

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