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The Week in Good News (26/04)

Students in Berlin are using discarded fruit skins to design a compostable and recyclable bag that has the same lifespan as a paper one. Read more>>

Former foes in Lake Baringo of Kenya have come together in unity to help bring back the wildlife in their area. Starting from rescuing the giraffes. Read more>>

Due to the rising effects of climate change the Maldives are getting the world’s first floating city. Read more>>

A genus and species of hadrosaur has been found in Japan. This will allow for advancements in finding out the migration patterns of hadrosaurs. Read more>>

The world’s first adaptive deodorant has been created for people who are visually impaired or have upper limb motor disabilities. Read more>>

Evan Townsend has designed the flag for Antarctica. This newly developed identity will help give the people a greater sense of ownership for the continent and its voice in the climate crisis. Read more>>

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