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The Week in Good News (25/01)

Valdís Steinarsdóttir, a designer from Iceland, has developed packaging made from byproducts of the meat industry such as bone marrowThe material dissolves in hot water and can biodegrade in a few weeks. The product is sustainable, avoids waste and makes the most of limited resources. Find out more >>

The Japanese firm, Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings, may have found a solution to myopia (nearsightedness). The firm has developed a wearable device that slowly perfects your vision over time. Find out more >>

The young gymnast Nia Dennis has devoted her floor routine to black excellence and The Black Lives Matter Movement. Dennis has said that the routine is a ‘celebration of everything [Black people] can do, everything we can overcome.’ Find out more >>

For the first time in 2020, green energy sources have generated more electricity than fossil fuels in the UK. Wind turbines, solar panels, hydro-electric plants and biomass plans accounted for 42% of electricity generated, which has been driven by a surge in new wind farms. Find out more >>

The infamous image of Bernie Sanders in mittens has gone on to raise another $20,000 for charity, on top of the $1.8 million already raised through the sales of sweatshirts and t-shirts of the viral meme. The crochet artist, Tobey King, made and sold a small Bernie Sanders doll. The entire proceeds from the sale are going to Meals on Wheels. Find out more >>

By reconstructing the skull of a platypus through virtual anatomy, scientists have discovered that the ancient fish may have evolutionary links to humans. The innovative use of microCT scans could go on to have a huge impact on scientists understanding of vertebrate evolution. Find out more >> 

The Australian of the Year Awards have named four women as the winners of four categories. The four women were celebrated for committing to helping female migrants, advancing Indigenous cultural independence and lobbying for equality. Find out more >>

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have found out how to switch off a gene that drives the growth of cancer cells in mice. The gene, which is called myc, has often been thought to be undruggable, but it may be possible to use it to shrink tumors. Find out more >>

Reading charity, Book Trust have started an initiative to ensure than an anthology of black authors can be provided in every primary school in England. The anthology which is called ‘Happy Here’ is a collection of stories of joy, home, and family through personal narratives of authors such as Patrice Lawrence and Yomi Sode. Find out more >>

The US President has pledged to protect 30% of US land and the coastal seas by 2030. Biden’s pledge offers hope for tribal leaders in the USThey will be stewards of the land, and have a hand in protecting biodiversity and helping to slow extinction rates. Find out more >>  


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