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The Week in Good News (24/08)

BiodiverCity is a plan to create 3 islands off the shore of Penang island. These islands will boost the sustainable economic and cultural growth of the island while preserving the biological communities around it. Read more>>

Scientists are using photosynthesis to increase plant growth by 27% in real-world field conditions while also conserving water. Read more>>

Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu has solved the problem of food spoilage for farmers and vendors in Nigeria by starting his organisation ColdHubs. The company specialises in building and operating walk-in cold rooms to store and preserve food in order to extend the shelf life.  Read more>>

30 new species have been found in the deep sea near the Galapagos. Experts have found several coral and sponge communities along with new species of squat-lobsters. Read more>>

Soup international have designed community kitchens aimed at refugees and asylum seekers so they can enjoy ‘the normalcy of domestic activities’. Read more>>

What if we had a reusable parliament building? As the House of Parliament is being renovated, a temporary building needs to be made. Norman Foster a great architect has come up with the idea of a bomb-proof glass steel building that can be reused again afterwards. Read more>>

A team of international scientist have created a new type of plastic that doesn’t lose its original qualities when recycled. Read more>>

The Mantis shrimp is known to throw the fastest punches in the ocean! This is because of its impact-resistance nanoparticle coating which allows it to swing its fists with no fear. Read more>>

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