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The Week in Good News (24/05)

Cleantech company Pluvo have launched a column that can clean up to 99% of noxious gases and particulate matter from the air. The columns are powered entirely through renewable sources, and could even filter out airborne viruses. Find out more >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has pledged $3.5 million to struggling artists in San Francisco, as the pilot program of his charity #StartSmall launches. Find out more >>

A new gene therapy developed from algae and microbes has restored the vision of a blind man. The substantial restoration of vision could be a solution to varying kinds of blindness. Find out more >>

A river otter that was thought to be extinct has emerged in Argentina, the return of the small creature offers hope for biodiversity in the Bermejo River. Find out more >>

A new brain implant can turn your thoughts into text messages within a matter of seconds. The new brain-computer interface means that people with paralysis could be able to communicate again. Find out more >>

Leonardo DiCaprio has pledged $43 million to restore the Galapagos Islands. The aim is to reintroduce 13 extinct species, including the Floreana – the first mockingbird discovered by Charles Darwin. Find out more >> 

Icon, the advanced construction tech company, has developed a next generation printer with the intention to design and print a three-bedroom home in Texas. Find out more >>

Tory Burch and Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna have launched a fellowship at the Innovative Genomics Institute, to invest in the sustainability and success of female owned businesses. Find out more >>  


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