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The Week in Good News (22/02)

The first moonflower in the UK has now bloomed in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, with thousands watching closely from all over the globe. Take a look at this time lapse of the flower which bloomed before the sunset on Saturday. Find out more >>

Scientists from Yale University and Sapporo Medical University in Japan have found that injecting bone marrow stem cells in individuals with spinal cord injuries, has improved their motor function. Within weeks of the injection patients were able to start walking and using their hands. Find out more >>

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched the Recovery Plan for All to end COVID-19, end the hunger crisis, resume learning, protect the planetand advance equity on a global scale. Check out eighteen inspiring quotes from the campaign that over thirty-five countries have joined. Find out more >>

Ten rescued orangutans have been returned to their wild habitats by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Helicopters were used to return the Bornean orangutans to Indonesia. Find out more >>

The Design & Art Direction, based near LIS HQ in Spitalfields, has launched a creative agency which is aimed at self-taught creatives, who do not come from university background. The aim of the agency is to create more opportunities for emerging creatives who are not from a traditional linear path. Find out more >>

For the first time, scientists have observed that whale sharks can grow back their damaged dorsal fins. The ability to regenerate this damaged tissue could mean the whales are able to recover from injuries quickly, which is imperative for conservation management. Find out more >>

Researchers at the University of Chicago have invented an artificial muscle that has been shown to get stronger with exercise. The new material could be used in a new generation of soft-shell robots. Find out more >>

Hayley Arceneaux is set to be the youngest American sent to space, at the age of twenty-nine. She is also the first survivor of cancer to go into space, and hopes her story will open ‘space travel up to anyone.’ Find out more >>

Studio Mortazavi has designed a 3Dprinted school for the non-profit organisation Thinking Huts. There are plans for the school to be solar powered, made with locally sourced materials and for it to be built by local craftsmen in MadagascarFind out more >>        

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