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The Week in Good News (20/09)

Design China Beijing, a four-day fair, is launching this week under the theme of nature, nurture and sustainable beauty. The fair is opening conversations around architectural and urban innovation. Find out more>> 

Two galaxies might just be home to hyper-advanced alien life. Have a browse of a couple of the galaxies that had some unusual activity. Find out more>> 

The plants that feed the world.  Take a look at a beautiful series of images of common crops, that have been magnified under a microscope. The series aims to raise awareness on how we can make agriculture more sustainable. Find out more>> 

LinkedIn has published their list of the top startups in 2021. Some of the leaders include businesses dedicated to self-care, digital start-ups as well as the gaming chat app Discord. Find out more>> 

Scientists have managed to study the weather through terrestrial and orbital telescopes on a planet in an entirely different solar system.  Find out more>> 

How might artists explore new technologies, whilst struggling with the issue of sustainability and social justice? Take a look at the panel discussing these issues of intersectionality. Some of the panelists include multidisciplinary artist Samir Bhowmik. Find out more>> 

The Ocean Photographer of the Year Awards winners have been announced. You can see some of the images which include a green sea turtle hatchling surfacing for some air. Find out more>> 

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