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The Week in Good News (20/03)

1. The widow of artist Tony Hillier – who only took up metalwork after retiring from a long career at the University of Cambridge – is giving away the last of his sculptures because it’s “what he would have wanted.” Mr Hillier never sold his sculptures, preferring to give them freely to school and community groups, “especially those institutions concerned with young people or education.” Find out more >> 

2. Several native species, lost for decades or even centuries, are being reintroduced in the UK as part of the government’s 25-year Environment Plan. Beavers, birds, and butterflies are amongst the species making a comeback. Find out more >>

3. Seven landowners in Dorset have joined forces to create the UK’s first ‘super national nature reserve’. The project means that many creatures won’t be reliant on one tiny area for their habitat, and so can spread out further afield if disaster strikes their home patch. Find out more >> 

4. Researchers in the UK have confirmed that a stem cell transplant has cured a second person of HIV. The researchers involved hope that other scientists may be able to use state-of-the-art gene editing tools in treating HIV in the future. Find out more >>

5. Researchers in Sweden have invented a rubbery, nontoxic nanomaterial that could pave the way for new reconstructive surgeries. They believe that the material could replace cartilage in everything from joints to prosthetic noses. Find out more >>

6. The mayor of Helsinki is inviting eco-ideas from all around the world to help develop sustainable solutions for urban life. Helsinki’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2035 – can you help? Find out more >>

7. Scientists may have discovered the world’s smallest dinosaur. The tiny bird fossil is trapped in 99-million-year-old amber and suggests that some of the earliest birds actually evolved to become miniature. Find out more >>

8. Britain’s Loneliest Dog has finally been adopted. After spending 10 years in a rescue centre, Bess, a border collie, has moved in with new owners on the south coast. Find out more >>

9. Edwin Catmull and Patrick Hanrahan have won the highest distinction in computer science: the Turing Award. The two men invented game-changing 3D computer graphics techniques now used in the film industry – if you’re a fan of Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo, or Toy Story, you have them to thank. Find out more >>

10. Scientists from California are looking for divers to photograph “the rhinos of the kelp forest”, aka, giant sea bass. The critically endangered fish are so gentle that they’ve been an easy target for fishermen, but scientists are hoping to give the big fish a boost in the wild. Find out more >>

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