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The Week in Good News (17/08)

Have you heard of Ceres? It’s a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter. And it’s just been discovered that there’s an ocean world with reservoirs of water underneath it. Read more>>

CRISPR gene editing techniques have been used to make squid transparent. This the first time this type of gene editing has been used, and it could become a good model for applying CRISPR to brain research. Read more>>

Research has shown that drawing an eye onto the bottoms of cattle can help protect them from lions, leopards and tigers. This is because these big cats rely on ambushing their prey so if their prey ‘sees’ them they are most likely to retreat. Read more>>

The winners of the 2020 Dezeen Architecture Awards will be announced this week. There are 302 projects up for awards in 12 different architecture categories. Read more>>

Olafur Eliasson is helping to lift up the voices of young people through the app ‘Earth Speakr’. This allows them to digitally transfer their faces onto their environment so they can raise discussions about the climate crisis. Read more>>

A long-term study on dolphins is helping researchers to discover how we can slow down the ageing process in humans, as dolphins experience ageing in a similar way. It has been previously reported that our species age at different rates to one another, but there isn’t any concrete proof of this. Read more>>

Google has announced the ‘Android earthquake alert system’. Our smartphones carry sensors that can be used for earthquake detection, and Google is working on giving all android phones this system which gives the user a minute warning on when an earthquake is near. Read more>>

A research project called Coral Carbonate is creating 3D printed sustainable underwater houses to allow coral reefs and marine life to grow. Read more>>

Big news has been released by Apple – they plan to bring their carbon footprint to net zero by 2030. This means that every device sold will have a net zero climate impact. Read more>>



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