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The Week in Good News (17/05)

STARFORGE are providing more insight into the births of baby stars using a stimulation. This new revelation will help astronomers study how stars are formed. Read more>> 

A Berlin designer and student has developed street lamps that uses wind power in order to reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be consumed. Read more>> 

Take a look at this amazing school in India that was designed by dads with their daughters in mind to help encourage female literacy in the area. Read more>> 

A primary school being built in Denmark will be the first to be given the Nordic Ecolabel. This is a sustainability certification that considers the project’s energy consumption, indoor climate, chemical exposure and sustainable material use. Read more>> 

Scientists have discovered a way to combat the increase of plastic waste by converting it into fuel. Read more>> 

Designer Henry Glogau has developed a portable solar distiller that will help provide clean drinking water around the world. Read more>> 

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