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The Week in Good News (15/02)

In Nuneatonblind fox had befriended a deer named Bramble and a greyhound who goes by the name Orla. The unlikely friendship was formed after the deer was rescued by the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. Find out more >>

NASA’s Perseverance has landed on Mars after a 7-month journey through space. The first image taken has had wide spread reaction from many across the globe, check some of the best reactions on Inverse. Find out more >>

Black Lives Matter UK has awarded £600,000 to a number of grassroots organisations in the UK. Some of them include Sistah Space, London’s specialist domestic violence service for women of African and Caribbean heritage and the African Rainbow Family, which supports LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers. Find out more >>

Coca-Cola has been trialing their first paper bottle, in a bid to eliminate plastic from their packaging. Their aim is to produce zero waste by 2030, and to create a recyclable plastic-free bottleFind out more >>

Women are seizing lockdown as a chance to grow sustainable fashion brands, start non-profit organisations to help young students, and open eco-friendly grocery stores. Check out these women who have found opportunities despite the pandemic. Find out more >>

Scientists have successfully cloned a black-footed ferret which died over 30 years ago. The ferret, Elizabeth-Ann, was cloned using preserved cells – and this could mean that cloning may become a tool for conservation in the future. Find out more >>

TIME have released their list of artists, phenoms, leaders, advocates, and innovators for 2021. The list includes a number of public health professionals who have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, philanthropists lobbying for equalityand those who advocate for climate justice. Check out some of the incredible changemakers. Find out more >>

Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland have found that coffee consumption may decrease the amount of grey matter in human brains. The placebo-controlled study found that drinking coffee may even induce neural plasticity. Find out more >>

Innovate UK has launched a funding competition for £16 million to support and develop sustainable packaging solutions. The competition aims to fulfil the UK Plastic Pact, which hopes to create a circular economy for waste, by keeping them in circulation and out of the natural environment. Find out more >>   

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