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The Week in Good News (14/12)

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, a pioneering young black artist, has brought a new wave of energy to the Tate Britain, with an exhibition that celebrates iconic Black figures in art. Find out more >> 

Kew Garden Botanists have discovered a diverse range of 156 plants in 2020, offering great hope for conservation, and the possibility of even treating some health conditions. The plants have been found in Peru, Namibia and even Heathrow Airport! Find out more >> 

An energy renewal park the size of Singapore is due to open in India. The park will cover 180,000 acres and has the possibility to generate 30,000 megawatts of power. Find out more >> 

On December 21st, Saturn and Jupiter will appear the closest they have been, in over 400 years. The two bright planets will offer a delightful image of the dynamic and bright solar system in motion. Find out more >> 

The potential to get closer to the question of alien worlds? Astronomers could have discovered a radio signal from an Exoplanet, and this data could open a new world of research into an array of mysterious planets, both inside and outside of our solar system. Find out more >> 

Shahar Livne, an Israeli conceptual material designer, has combined a mixture of ocean plastics and calcium carbonate to create a natural and futuristic jewellery line. Livne’s aim is to challenge the impact of plastic waste on the planet, by creating valuable objects from landfills and oceans. Find out more >> 

Can Kangaroos communicate with humans? Well, the answer may be yes as Kangaroos have a unique gaze that can create a connection between humans and the marsupials. Perhaps the Kangaroo will be man’s new best friend, after the dog of course. Find out more >> 

Cutting emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change, and increasing labour productivity for farmersMonarch Tractors, the US firm, has developed an all-electric tractor that has achieved all three, and has transformed the productivity of small-scale sustainable farms. Find out more >> 

There has been a 108% rise in the number of physical activities completed by women aged 18 – 29 in 2020. The growth in activity is credited to women who feel safer to exercise, and for the majority of Briton’s having more time to focus on their health. A great positive note as the end of 2020 nears! Find out more >> 


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