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The Week In Good News (14/09)

Astronomers have completed the most rigorous search for extra-terrestrial life forms in the history of humankind. Although they found little evidence of life, there is still reason to believe there is something out there. Read more>>

Researchers have found a way to grow gold nanoparticles inside cancer cells within 30 minutes that can kill tumours. Read more>>

Google has announced that their carbon footprint is now zero. They first became carbon neutral in 2007 and have been investing in high-quality carbon offsets. They have set the bar high for other companies in their sector. Read more>>

The largest photo ever? Space scientists from Stanford plan to use a 3.2 billion-pixel camera to take large pictures of the southern sky to help them see the universe in greater detail than ever before. Read more>>

Canyon has created a Future Mobility Concept vehicle that combines elements of a car and bicycle. It offers more storage space than a bike but cuts down on emissions and reduces the time spent in traffic. Read more>>

Plants could help rescue teams find human remains in woodland areas. The chemical changes in the ecosystems around the remains can impact the surrounding plants, which can be detected remotely. Read more>>

Vollebak has designed a hoodie that is made from eucalyptus trees and can biodegrade in a compost heap in 8 weeks! Read more>>

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