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The Week in Good News (14/06)

The V&A has launched its new 20th & 21st Century gallery, with an ode to the era of social justice and sustainability. The refurbished space pays particular attention to diversity in design and society. Find out more >> 

A nuclear fission plant to test Magnetised Target Fusion is set to be built in England. It works by confining plasma in a magnetic field, and builds hope for more reliable and environmentally friendly energy. Find out more >> 

National Geographic is honoring explorers that are working to protect wildlife. The winner’s include Paula Kahumbu who has been named Explorer of the Year for her work to protect Kenya’s elephants. Find out more >> 

The Royal Society of Arts has unveiled the winners of its Student Design Awards, which focuses on solving real-world issues. One student created a functional dressing for wounds, in the hope that it would promote a circular approach to medical treatment. The material is a bioplastic that’s made from wood pulp. Find out more>> 

The Benediktas Gylys Foundation, a social innovation group, have designed a sci-fi inspired sculpture that allows you to see into other cities. As you approach the sculpture, you can see that it’s a window to another place. Find out more >> 

The US Congress has voted to make Juneteenth a National Holiday. The day commemorates the end of slavery, and is a landmark moment in American history. Juneteenth is a celebration of the freedom, culture, and empowerment of African-Americans. Find out more >> 

The construction of the Serpentine Pavillion has removed 31 tonnes of carbon from the air. The Pavillion is made from biomaterials and has a recycled steel frame. In fact, the structure is carbon negative. Find out more >> 

Octopuses can feel pleasure and pain, and now MPs are lobbying for them to be included in the animal sentience bill. The legislation means that policy will have to take into account that certain animals are sentientFind out more >> 

Is my cat happy? Take a look at the prototype app that can predict your pet’s mood, via a picture of its face. Maybe you’ll be able to figure out your seemingly inscrutable cat. Find out more >> 

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