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The Week in Good News (13/09)

22,000 monumental trees across Italy have gained federal protection for their remarkable aesthetic and their historical significance. Have a look at some of the trees, which date up to 800 years old. Find out more>> 

Mushroom leather anyone? By the end of 2022, a new material called Mylo, made from the root of mushrooms, will be available for commercial use. Using the material could have a hugely positive environmental impact. Find out more>> 

Scientists in France have unveiled one of the biggest tools they might be able to use for nuclear fusion. The huge magnet is nearly 300,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field. Find out more>> 

A sanctuary has given new hope to chimps that have been exposed to trauma. Through conservation efforts and human caretakers, the orphaned chimps have been given a new lease of life. Find out more>> 

A geonomics startup in Africa is expanding its precision medicine capabilities. That means that through their whole genome sequencing, they can identify more disease variants, and provide far better healthcare delivery. Find out more>> 

Astronomers have found an abundance of organic molecules around stars that might just indicate further evidence of life throughout the universe. Find out more>> 

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