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The Week in Good News (11/01)

Saudi Arabia has announced a plan for a 100-mile belt of car free, entirely pedestrianised, linear city called The Line. Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, plans on the buildings being carbonpositive and powered entirely by clean energy. Find out more >>

MIT has revealed designs for a hybrid-electric airliner that could decrease nitrogen oxide emissions from the aviation sector. This could reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 95%, leading to the potential for a net-zero aviation industry. Find out more >>

Astronomers at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute have discovered an alien planet in a system over 1,800 light years away that has three suns. By studying this triple star system, they may be able to shed further light on how the Universe creates planets. Find out more >>

Headphones as hearing aids? Olive Union, an American tech company, has developed a range of earbuds that act as both headphones and hearing aids. They combined microphones and high-definition speakers with AI technology, to create noise cancelling headphones that also amplify music and human voice! Find out more >>

Using deep learning, scientists in Copenhagen and West Africa have found 1.8 billon trees in a part of the Sahara where, previously, it was thought no trees could survive due to the arid landThe research will improve scientists’ understanding of the amount of carbon stored on the planet, which could go onto mitigate some of the effects of climate changeFind out more >>

The Guggenheim has appointed Naomi Beckwith as the chief curator and deputy director of the New York art MuseumBeckwith is the first African-American woman to be named curator and aims to bring a new sense of identity, history, diversity, and multidisciplinary art to the museum. Find out more >>

Archeologists may have discovered the world’s oldest painting in Indonesia, which has been dated back over 45,000 years. The paintings of the small yet slightly fat pigs have opened the possibilities of a trove of artwork that is yet to be found on the island. Find out more >>

Roboticists from Harvard have designed a school of fish with both 3D and neighbourhood visionleading to new information about ‘collective intelligence’ in nature. The small Bluebots could go on to provide insights into environmental monitoring, suffering coral reefs, and improve research missions deep in the sea. Find out more >>

Fortnum and Mason have employed outofwork set designers for its window displays, which have been called the ‘Joy Window Takeover.’ The designers have used their interpretations of joy to inspire the window displays, which include community and the flourishing natural world. Find out more >>    


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