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The Week in Good News (10/08)

Did you know that the first Camels lived in North America about 40 to 50 million years ago? Studies show that the camels spread to South America around 5 million years ago and then Asia and the Middle East. Read more>>

A new wearable device that is hidden in your mouth has been developed by a group of design graduates. It is being used as ‘surveillance-proof’ authentication method that could replace fingerprint and facial recognition. Read more>>

Penguin Random House has released the shortlist for its 2020 Student Design Award. Every year, students are given the task of redesigning book covers from three categories: adult fiction, adult non-fiction, and children. Check out some of their amazing work! Read more>>

Previous research suggests that younger children find it easier to learn a new language than adults. However, new studies show that there is a way for adults to overcome their brains’ own limitations and learn languages more easily. Read more>>

A pre-historic insect known as the ‘hell ant’ has been found frozen in a 99-million-year-old amber with its jaw in its prey. This the first-time scientists have actually seen the insect feeding. Read more>>

In the UK, we use 13 billion plastic bottles each year with only 7.5 billion being recycled. Take a look at the ingenious way in which companies are trying to fight plastic waste by condensing bottles into tablets. Read more>>

Scientists have discovered that we carry genes of an unknown ancestor. Evidence shows that ancient humans and an unknown, yet related species crossbred a number of times. Read more>>

Physicists have designed mixtures that melt in the dark and crystallise when the light comes on. This new effect is due to their special thermal activity. Read more>>

If you’ve ever wondered what an environment made only for dogs looks like, then you’re in luck as Japan House is hosting a new exhibition which focuses on the architecture for dogs. The artists focused on creating a minimal and interactive space for dogs with some aspects of the displays being one-breed specific. Read more>>

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