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The Week in Good News (10/05)

Researchers have discovered that an area larger than mainland France has naturally regrown since the year 2000. Read more>>

A new gene editing tool called RLR will potentially rival CRISPR as it edits millions of DNA sequences at the same time. Read more>>

The Design Village has presented the amazing work of 11 architecture and design students. Their projects include a shelter for cats to algorithmic learning aid aimed at people with dyslexia and more. Read more>>

The US government has approved its largest offshore wind farm in US history. Read more>>

The first eco-sustainable house has been created using local raw earth materials and 3D printing technologies. Read more>>

Find out more about the social change organisation Sisterhood who aims to empower young women through design. Read more>>

The global renewable energy industry have risen at its fastest rate since 1999. Industries include solar power projects and wind farms. Read more>>

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