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Oranges in Seville

The Week in Good News (08/03)

In Seville, a pilot scheme will be carried out using their unwanted oranges to create clean electricity which will then be used to power water purification in the city. Find out more>>>

A Public school has created a pair of bio-fabricated trainers. Most of the trainer was made using an essential ingredient that is used in Kombucha. Find out more>>>

Have you heard of a lab-grown steak? Scientists in Japan have created this new steak to help reduce food waste. But is it edible? Find out more>>>

The critically endangered harlequin toad has been bred in captivity for the first time in the UK. What makes this so interesting is that this toad is normally only bred in the rainforests of Panama and Costa Rica. Find out more>>>

The coral reefs in Fiji are finally being revived 5 years after the cyclone hit showing that the reefs were in really great shape before the disastrous event. Find out more>>>

New studies have shown that the cuttlefish has passed a test known for children showing us that animal intelligence is not to be underestimated.  Find out more>>>

DS Automobiles reveals their new collection that helps reduce us to reduce our carbon footprint at Paris fashion week. Find out more>>>

Queensland has banned the use of single-use plastics. Making it the second state in Australia to do so. Find out more>>>

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