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The Week in Good News (07/12)

The UK has opened its first all-electric car charging station to reduce carbon emissionsThe government’s commitment to a greener future could see over 30 million electric vehicles by 2030, as hybrids become one of the fastest growing markets. Find out more >>

teenager in Canada who has won the Breakthrough Junior Challenge is breaking barriers and creating representation for young African American women in quantum mechanics. Maryam Tsegaye’s playful and intellectual approach to the complexities of the behaviours of electrons scored her the prize. Find out more >> 

Wildlife has benefited an immense amount despite the implications of a pandemic. SciSarter, which connects communities with nature research projects, has seen a 480% increase in data contributions. The new global interest in conservation has led to key protections for endangered species such as pangolins and gray wolves. Find out more >>

Innovative students are designing and creating a new sustainable future. From Ramen packaging that dissolves to replace numerous non-compostable plastics, to a house that has been designed to produce energy rather than consume it, these students are tackling real world issues through creativity. Find out more >> 

Proving the hypothesis of Mars’ habitability may be a step closer, as scientists come closer to evidence of water on the red planet. With the possibility of the presence of waterit could be proven that Mars may have once been warm enough to host life. Find out more >> 

Can an interdisciplinary approach lead to equality? In a movement toward inclusivity and intersectionality the European Commission has pledged to incorporate sex and gender analysis into their researchFind out more >> 

Can the world combat climate change? Well, fourteen nations have committed to the ambitious goal of assigning 30% of the seas as marine protected areas. The bid to protect the oceans from plastic waste could have a meaningful impact by 2030. Find out more >> 

What does it feel like to be invisible? Soldiers may find out soon, as researchers in South Korea are developing an artificial ‘skin’ that could make them humans invisible to cameras. Find out more >> 

Australian fauna ecologists have found the first little pygmy possum on Kangaroo Island since the bush fires. Though miniscule in size, the tiny possum brings hope for the restoration of wildlife across the country. Find out more >> 

Dairy Queen has seen over 900 kind individuals pay for another customer behind them, leaving all with a little Christmas cheer for the festive period! Find out more >> 

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